Fully Equipped Endoscopy Unit

A fully equipped endoscopy unit at Krishna IVF Clinic consists of the following,

  1. Trained and accredited doctors or endoscopists.
  2. Trained nursing and additional staff
  3. Endoscopes and other advanced equipment are required.
  4. Preparation, procedural and recovery areas
  5. A disinfection and cleaning area for equipment
  6. Emergency equipment and personnel
  7. A program for quality assurance.

Many procedures are performed within an endoscopy unit in recent times.

Since patients undergoing endoscopy receive sedation, there must be a recovery area or ICU available for the observation of patients until they have recovered. These areas also need to have piped oxygen, full monitoring facilities (including pulse oximetry), suction, resuscitation equipment, and emergency drugs.

Consent forms and checklists are maintained for every laparoscopy procedure and hysteroscopy procedure done at Krishna IVF Clinic.

Fully Equipped Endoscopy Unit
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