Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA)

There are two types of doing a semen analysis, one is a manual analysis, and the second is computer-aided semen analysis. Computer aided semen analysis says has come into play in the last two decades. Initially, it was used in veterinary sciences by veterinary scientists and later in human Andrology. Krishna IVF obtained his first computer-aided semen analysis in the country in 2007 from a Spanish company called Micro-Optics, a global leader in computer-assisted semen analysis.

This computer-aided semen analysis had vastly improved the diagnosis and consistency over the years, which helped the couple of Krishna IVF get world-class technology one and a half decades before it became a common practice in India.

In addition, Krishna IVF has used this technology to produce five research publications on diabetes and obesity sperm DNA fragmentation. The additional location where it worked correlates the Casa report’s relation to Sperm DNA fragmentation and ICSI outcomes. Krishna IVF also participates in International quality control to know how far analysis reports good quality through an external agency called EQASRM, an Australian-based quality control company. In this video, you’ll see how computer state semen analysis is performed to understand the quality and processes involved in getting a good semen report.

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