Female Infertility Workup

Female Infertility Workup

It is ideal to plan female infertility workup and male infertility workup together. Most of the time, a woman alone consults a gynecologist for infertility workup but at Krishna IVF Clinic, we prefer to see the couple as a single entity because fertility is an issue related to both husband and wife.

History and physical examination:

Female infertility workup begins with a detailed history, and clinical examination followed by pelvic ultrasonography to see the female reproductive organs, uterus, and ovaries.

Transvaginal Ultrasound:

The latest 4D-5D ultrasound scan at Krishna IVF Clinic detects uterine anomalies, fibroids, and adenomyosis. All are very important findings in reproductive medicine. Ovarian factors like PCOD and endometriosis can be diagnosed. Antral follicle counts give information regarding the time factor depending on the ovarian reserves.

Blood investigations:

Blood tests are done to screen for other medical and hormone problems.

Basic Workup:

Complete basic infertility workup of the couple can be done in just one and a half days at Krishna IVF Clinic with a prior appointment.

Advanced workup:

Other tests will be done only if indicated. Tubal factors are checked by HSG or diagnostic laparoscopy depending on the requirement. Immunological tests, Infection screening, and Genetic tests are also available.

IVF Failure Analysis :

Krishna IVF is well known for its expertise in analyzing previous treatment failures to efficiently plan customization of protocols according to the needs for better success rates.

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