IVF Training Courses

Krishna IVF Clinic – IVF Training Institutes in India offers various ART courses featuring hands-on IVF training

FOGSI Ultrasound Training at Krishna IVF Clinic

The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) is dedicated to advancing the field of reproductive medicine by fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise. As part of this mission, FOGSI offers learning and participation certificates to registered gynaecologists who undergo training in various areas of reproductive health at approved centers.

Krishna IVF Clinic has been a recognized center for FOGSI’s Ultrasound Training Program since 2006. Our program is specifically designed to enhance the proficiency of gynaecologists in the application of ultrasonography in reproductive medicine. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, participants can observe and practice ultrasound techniques, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Upon successful completion of the intensive training, registered gynaecologists receive a participation certificate from FOGSI. This certification not only acknowledges their newly acquired skills but also supports their continued professional development in the field of reproductive medicine.

Preceptorship Program at Krishna IVF Clinic

Krishna IVF Clinic, in collaboration with the Merck Serono Group, offers an intensive one-week Preceptorship Program for gynecologists who have experience in the field of infertility treatment. This program aims to enhance participants’ skills and improve their clinical practice in the field of reproductive medicine.

Each month, two gynecologists are selected to participate fulltime in this training. Over the course of a week, participant will observe clinic’s daily various clinical and technical procedures. The program offers comprehensive exposure to multiple aspects of infertility, including clinical management, andrology, embryology, reproductive genetics, and surgical procedures such as hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. Participants will primarily be limited to observation and interaction to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of these specialized areas.

The Preceptorship Program promotes a collaborative learning atmosphere where participants engage in the exchange of knowledge on the clinic’s current research activities. This personalized training includes 1-2 hours of dedicated interaction with clinicians, allowing for a meaningful exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Participation from Krishna IVF Clinic. Since its inception in 2016, the Preceptorship Program has trained numerous gynecologists from various regions of India, contributing significantly to their professional development in reproductive medicine.

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