Testicular sperm extraction

Take a small piece of tissue from which sperms are extracted in people with azoospermia.

This is done for people for azoospermia or the absence of sperm in semen. The procedure is generally planned for assisted reproduction, just at the beginning and some places on the day of egg pick up. This practice varies from country to country. This is generally in Hospital settings, mainly as a short procedure for outpatient patients or in a daycare setting where short general anesthesia is given.

In testicular sperm extraction, a small Knick is given, a small portion of testicular tissues is extracted, or a needle aspiration is done, depending on the procedure.

There are different methods of doing testicular sperm extraction. The procedures are done depending on the type of sperm retrieval method. The ways are epidermal aspiration, percutaneous sperm aspiration, testicular sperm extraction, and micro testicular sperm extraction.

What is the best method of testicular sperm extraction? Unfortunately, there is no best method, and the best way depends on the institution. Their practice and goal are to obtain sperm safely with minimum complications.

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