5D Follicles Imaging

5D follicles is an advanced feature in all the ultrasound machines available at Krishna IVF Clinic. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is used to map the ovarian follicles in different colours.

This feature gives exact measurements of each follicle and can group them into small, medium and large lead follicles.

5D follicles ultrasound examination helps to identify ovarian factors and response to infertility treatments more precisely. The dosage of fertility drugs and hormone injections can be modified based on these 5D follicles.

This process can also help to identify any problems with the growth of follicles or other ovulation problems in PCOS

Ovarian reserves which decline with lady age can be determined by AMH and AFC. Counting of antral follicles using this 5D technology is very helpful especially in women who come to Krishna IVF Clinic with low AMH values.

5D follicles imaging available at Krishna IVF Clinic is one of latest technologies in reproductive medicine using AI.

Dr. G. A. Rama Raju, Founder and Director of Krishna IVF Clinic, received the BEST RESEARCH PARTNER AWARD from Samsung R&D, Bangalore in the year 2018-2019.

5D Follicles Imaging 1
5D Follicles Imaging 2
5D Follicles Imaging 3
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