Why Krishna IVF?

The Krishna IVF Clinic is the leading Test Tube Centre in the country with latest world class scientific technologies.

The experience of more than 27 years

Krishna IVF started in 1996, and the first IVF baby was born on November 1, 1997. The twins are currently 25 years old. In 1998 the first ICSI baby was born in the combined Andhra Pradesh. A year later, i.e., in 1999, the first testicular sperm extraction baby was born, and it was a miracle and a boon for the Azoospermic couple. In 2000 assisted hatching was introduced to help older women benefit from it, and the first baby was born in 2004 and coincidently it was the first baby in South India. 

The first baby was born a year later using a preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Subsequently, Krishna IVF became a pioneer in vitrification technology. Dr. G. A. Rama Raju’s work is published on reputed international medical journals with several acknowledgements and citations. The knowledge was shared and trained many clinics as we believe in sharing Knowledge for the betterment of women.


All Under One Roof: All infertility treatments from IUI to advanced PGD/ PGS, to time-lapse embryo monitoring to genetic and endocrinology are under one roof. From diagnosis to treatment, facilities are state of the art.

TEAM: AS A MEDICAL DIRECTOR, Dr. G. A. Rama Raju has five Gynecologists, three Embryologists, three Geneticists, one research officer, trained fertility nurses, and six medical technicians to provide world-class services.

State-of-the-Art IVF Lab: We are the only center in 2022 to provide comprehensive time-lapse embryo monitoring as part of routine care. In addition, very few centers in the world offer total time-lapse embryo monitoring for every ART procedure.

Motto: Krishna IVF emphasizes diagnosing the problem and verifying that it is the only issue, offering evidence-based solutions, and explaining the benefits and limitations of the treatment.

Transparency: Transparency, Ethics, and Values. At Krishna IVF, you will have all your reports with doctors’ notes in a printed form to make it easy for you to read, and a receipt for every financial transaction is provided to the couple.

Evidence-Based Practice: All treatments are evidence-based, considering the safety of the couple and the unborn child’s health.

Quality Systems: Krishna IVF has been part of External Quality Assurance Schemes for Reproductive Medicine’s “EQASRM Quality Program” since 2012. The areas of quality assurance programs are Andrology, Embryology and Toxicology testing.

Scientific and Academic Progress:

Individualization of stimulation protocol using receptor study for fine-tuning medication dosage. This work was published and adopted in many advanced centers in the world. The only research in the world correlates LH’s polymorphism and a pragmatic strategy to provide the precise amount of LH dose. The clinic has a Ph.D. program as an external research center for two universities, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam (famous 100 years old Universities), and a modern University – GITAM University, Visakhapatnam. Apart from the above, the clinic has a visiting Professor at Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai, an Honorary Professor in the Department of Bio-Technology, Andhra University, and a former visiting Professor at Giessen University, Germany. Krishna IVF, in collaboration with SAMSUNG RESEARCH UNITS, working with Artificial Intelligence tools towards developing applications in the field of Ultrasound.

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