PhD Study in Krishna IVF Clinic

Krishna IVF Clinic is recognized as an extramural research centre for pursuing Ph.D program from Andhra University in year 2008 and Gitam University in the year 2016 on the recommendations of the board of research studies from the respective university members. This program helps postgraduate students to pursue their Ph.D program in the krishna IVF clinic and doctorate will be awarded by the respective universities. Till date three members have completed their Ph.D program from department of genetics and two members are pursuing their Ph.D from clinical department.

First Ph.D : T.Sivanarayana pursued his Ph.D on DNA Fragmentation of human spermatozoa: Effects on sperm morphokinematic and embryological parameters in assisted reproductive program.

Second Ph.D: Ch.Ravi Krishna pursued his Ph.D titled, A study on influence of AFC, AMH and FSHR gene polymorphisms on ovarian response and clinical pregnancy outcome in patients undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation using r-FSH in combination with LH

Third Ph.D: Dr.G.A. Rama Raju pursued his Ph.D titled, A study on the development of deep learning techniques and the use of hormonal and geneticapproaches for achieving better success rates in long GnRH agonist treated IVFcycles.

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