Couples should visit infertility clinics after twelve months of cohabitation. What are the exceptions to these rules?

A couple should visit an infertility clinic only if they fail to get pregnant after trying for 12 months. There are some exceptions when a couple needs to visit before 12 months. The first one is irregular cycles, which means that the periods are longer than 45 days to 3 months. The second one is when they have sexual dysfunction, they should see the doctor earlier than 12 months. The third situation is when one of the partners or both have a lot of pain during intercourse. The fourth is if the male report has come abnormal and shows the absence of sperms. The fifth exception is when the uterine organs are found abnormal during any previous surgery. 

In such exceptions, they should see the doctor early. In other words, the couple should see a Doctor at the end of 12 months, if everything is normal and in the above conditions, they should see the Doctor earlier than 12 months, so that they don’t lose time. The most important exception to this rule is if a woman is married at 37 years or older they should not wait for 12 months. At the end of six months of trial, they should see a doctor so that they can find out if there are any other problems or if they can wait for 6 more months. So the most important factor is the lady’s age. These are the reasons to visit a Doctor earlier than 12 months.

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