Now you have completed investigations and you have written the protocol saying this is the treatment how do I know where I stand?

After completion of the investigations, clinicians write out the list of problems the couple has. If it is one factor or two factors or multiple factors. The second thing is we should tell them what is the appropriate treatment and we should also tell them is that the only treatment or a second option is there. Thirdly, we should also tell them what is the difference between the first option and the second option of the treatment and are there any limitations of that in terms of success rate, in terms of cost, in terms of time. 

This is the most important aspect the couple should know when they are visiting the Doctor for a review consultation wherein treatment is discussed and the couple can freely ask questions like- Is this the only treatment or do I have alternative treatments? 

what is the amount of time I need to spend? 

Can I go for the second option and if it fails, then go to the first option later? 

what is the chance of me conceiving in the first option and second option? 

One most important thing the couple should understand is none of the treatments is 100 percent successful. There are only relative outcomes in a given time. Sometimes the doctor might give only one treatment option. Nothing wrong with taking a second opinion or asking whether alternative treatments are possible. The most important thing is the second opinion should be in a documented form because if somebody says orally that this treatment can also be done and if they’re not willing to put that on paper, then you should think twice before going to such a place for treatment if there is ambiguity.

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