When you have identified a problem in women, why are you doing investigations for the man? Or sometimes you have identified the cause in the man.. why can’t you start the treatment without checking the woman?

In infertility, 40% of the couple have two problems. For this reason, we check both at a time. A single female factor can exist in 40% of the people and a single male factor in 20%. When the remaining 40% who come to the reproductive medicine clinic have two or more causes, it is wise to check both. In the short term, it might look unnecessary. The actual reality is that when we diagnose two problems, they feel relieved that the doctor did the right thing. This approach is of paramount importance. 

A lot of clinics in India and globally also miss checking one person. Once they identify one factor, they start treating it. After a few treatment failures, they will investigate again for other factors. In the process, the couple will start losing time and money on unnecessary medications or procedures. That is why we should always know what is the cause of infertility and is that the only cause. Then only give a plan of treatment so that the couple will get good results in the given frame of time. Checking both man and woman will effectively reduce the time to conception.

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