Precautions After Embryo Transfer?

Doctor, what are the precautions I must take after the embryo transfer? Is complete bed rest required after the embryo transfer? When should I come for confirmation of pregnancy?

Rest and abstinence are advised. Complete bed rest is not required. However, we recommend restricted work and movement activities to avoid any infection, fever, cough, or gastroenteritis in those cycles when the chances of pregnancy are there. By restricting activity, we limit the risk of getting a fever or using unwanted medications. That is the primary rationale behind the restricted movement. Many couples who undergo IVF think that if they sleep continuously or stay in bed always after embryo transfer, it will improve the chance of pregnancy.

The answer is a frank no because bed rest will not improve the embryo’s implantation process. Therefore, there is no need for bed rest after embryo transfer. No other medication should be taken without informing your doctor. You should come for a pregnancy test on the 14th day after embryo transfer.

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