The Link Between Asthma and Fertility: What We Know So Far

Asthma can potentially affect fertility, although the link between the two is not well understood. Some studies have suggested that asthma may be associated with a slightly increased risk of infertility, although other studies have found no significant association. However, TTP in asthmatic women, all three studies included found prolonged TTP

Asthma does not directly affect the outcome of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatments. Still, uncontrolled asthma can lead to other health issues impacting fertility and IVF success.


It is crucial for individuals with asthma who are planning to undergo IVF to have their asthma well controlled before starting the treatment to minimise the risk of complications and improve the chances of successful IVF. And also keeping the doctor informed about your asthma history and medications you are taking.

Can Asthma drugs affect IVF cycle?

Asthma medications can affect the outcome of an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle. Some asthma medications may also affect the endometrium, the uterus lining where the embryo implants. Further research is needed with more female asthmatic, infertile patients to clarify the endometrial changes caused by systemic inflammatory diseases. Other asthma medications, such as bronchodilators and leukotriene modifiers, do not affect ovulation or appear to impact the success of an IVF cycle significantly. It is essential to talk to your IVF specialist and asthma doctor if you are planning an IVF cycle and have asthma.

A word of caution, changing your asthma medication regimen or dose during the IVF process should be done only under the guidance of a specialist, as it may affect the outcome of the IVF.

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