Securing Your Future Reproduction-AMH Screening & Fertility Assessment

  • Understanding the importance of fertility assessment and AMH screening
  • The growing trend of postponed childbearing
  • The need for accurate fertility prediction and counselling
  • How preventive reproductive medicine can help secure your reproductive future.
  • Identifying those who cannot afford to wait.
  • Helping individuals make informed decisions about family planning.
The Consequences of Postponed Childbearing
  • Diminished ovarian reserve and its impact on fertility.
  • The decline in egg quantity and quality with age
  • The increasing need for fertility interventions in older age groups
  • Accumulation of reproductive threat factors
  • Age-related health issues that can affect fertility.
  • The impact of lifestyle factors on fertility potential
  • Increased risk of adverse obstetric outcomes
  • Higher chances of pregnancy complications and birth defects
  • The need for more intensive prenatal care in older mothers
Fertility Assessment and Counselling (FAC) Clinic: A Game Changer
  • The concept of the FAC clinic
  • Providing personalized fertility assessment and counselling services
Empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive future.
  • Services and procedures offered at the FAC clinic.
  • Ovarian reserve testing and risk assessment
  • Individualized counselling based on risk factors and reproductive potential.
  • Risk assessment inspired by FertiSTAT self-evaluation form.
  • Identifying risk factors and their levels
  • Providing tailored advice based on an individual’s risk profile.
Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH): The Crystal Ball of Fertility?
  • The role of AMH in predicting natural fecundability
  • AMH as a marker of ovarian reserve and reproductive potential
  • The correlation between AMH levels and natural fertility rates
  • Unpublished data by Hvidman on AMH and its potential
  • The impact of AMH on spontaneous pregnancies
  • The future of AMH in fertility assessment and counselling
  • The challenges and limitations of AMH screening
  • Confounders and AMH assay issues
  • The need for a normal range and cut-off levels
  • Addressing the complexity of human reproduction
The Pros and Cons of Fertility Assessment
  • The benefits of early fertility assessment
  • Identifying potential fertility issues before they become problematic.
  • Encouraging proactive measures to preserve fertility.
  • The drawbacks of fertility assessment and counselling
  • Potential anxiety and stress related to fertility information.
  • The limitations of current fertility prediction methods
  • Striking a balance between information and anxiety
  • Providing support and resources for individuals undergoing fertility assessment
  • Encouraging open communication between healthcare providers and patients
Empower Yourself: Options for Fertility Preservation and Treatment
  • Fertility treatments to consider.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technologies
  • The role of fertility medications in boosting fertility potential
  • Oocyte donation as a viable alternative
  • The process and benefits of using donor eggs.
  • Ethical considerations surrounding oocyte donation.
  • Social freezing: The modern approach to securing your reproductive future.
  • The process of freezing eggs for future use
  • The benefits and risks of social freezing
Conclusion: Your Path to a Secure Reproductive Future
  • Embracing preventive reproductive medicine
  • The importance of staying informed about your reproductive health
  • The role of healthcare providers in promoting preventive reproductive medicine
  • The importance of continued research in fertility assessment and AMH screening
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