RamaRaju Nominated Emeritus Professor

Dr. G. A. Rama Raju Nominated as Emeritus Professor in Human Genetics at Andhra University


Visakhapatnam, March 26, 2024 – In a commendable move, Andhra University has nominated Dr. G.A. Rama Raju, the esteemed Director of Krishna IVF, as an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Human Genetics. This honor is a testament to Dr. Rama Raju’s profound impact on human genetics and his unwavering dedication to academic excellence. With a career spanning decades, Dr. Rama Raju’s expertise has not only deepened our understanding of human genetics but has also been pivotal in developing cutting-edge treatments and therapies. His contributions have been crucial in establishing Andhra University as a genetic research and education leader. With the Executive Council’s endorsement, the Vice-Chancellor has conferred the title of Emeritus Professor to Dr. Rama Raju, effective April 1, 2024. This honorary role comes with the expectation that Dr. Rama Raju will continue to enrich the university’s academic landscape by sharing his invaluable knowledge and insights with faculty and students alike. As an Emeritus Professor, Dr. Rama Raju will engage in various educational activities, including delivering lectures, participating in research projects, and contributing to the broader academic community at Andhra University. The Principal of A.U. College of Science & Technology will coordinate Dr. Rama Raju’s involvement to ensure his expertise is fully leveraged within the university’s programs. This nomination is a non-financial commitment from the university, highlighting the honorary nature of the position and the respect and admiration Dr. Rama Raju commands within the academic fraternity.

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