Male Obesity Can Influence Fatherhood Chances

At Krishna IVF, We Found How Weight Can Influence Fatherhood Chances

Let’s talk about something that’s not often discussed: how being overweight can impact a man’s ability to have children. At Krishna IVF, we’ve done some digging and published a study in a well-known medical journal, Andrologia in 2017 that reveals a connection between a man’s weight and the health of his sperm.

We looked closely at the sperm of 1,285 men who came to us for help with fertility issues. Our findings were quite eye-opening. Men who carried extra weight not only had fewer sperm but also had sperm that weren’t swimming as well as they should be. Just like a fish needs to swim smoothly to get where it’s going, sperm need to be agile swimmers to reach the egg. Unfortunately, being overweight seems to put a damper on their swimming abilities.

It’s not all about the numbers or how well the sperm swim, though. The shape of the sperm is key. Imagine a key that doesn’t quite fit into a lock – it won’t turn, right? Similarly, if sperm are oddly shaped, they might not be able to do their job. Our study found that men who were overweight had more sperm that were the wrong shape.


But here’s the kicker: being overweight was linked to two specific sperm problems – oligospermia, where there aren’t enough sperm, and asthenospermia, where the sperm don’t move properly. These issues can make conceiving a child much more challenging.

Our message from this research is straightforward: maintaining a healthy weight is not just good for your heart or your blood sugar levels; it’s also important for your fertility. As obesity becomes more common across the globe, it’s something to consider if you’re trying to start or grow your family.

Now, this isn’t to say that overweight men cannot become fathers – many do. What we are pointing out is a potential hurdle that many might not be aware of. The silver lining is that weight is something that can be managed through healthier food choices and regular physical activity.

So, if you’re hoping to become a dad soon, taking a look at your health and weight might be a great place to start. Our study is a reminder of how our lifestyle choices can have significant effects, sometimes in areas of our lives we wouldn’t necessarily expect.

At Krishna IVF, we believe in empowering individuals with knowledge, and we hope this research can guide many in their journey toward healthier living and better fertility outcomes

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