Male infertility Evaluation

In a couple having a delayed conception, most think only the female partner should go, but both should visit the clinic. In the clinic, detailed history of the male partner is taken, starting with age. Most people do not know that male age has an impact on fertility. For example, a male with a higher age of 40 takes longer to conceive than men in their thirties. Similarly, Overweight and obese men have more chances of abnormal sperm count and sperm motility and morphology. In addition, men with health problems, diabetes, and thyroid problems can compromise their reproductive performance. Similarly, men working in place of heat, chemical factories, and place where radiation exposure happen can have compromised reproductive function. These details are assessed during the male first visit.

The male partner’s physical examination consists of assessing body mass index to assess the degree of obesity and blood pressure evaluation. Examination of male genitalia to evaluate the normality of the penis and scrotum. The size of the testis is measured by an orchidometer.

This is followed by advice to do a Seminal analysis. Then, the volume, count, motility, and quality of sperm are evaluated either by manual method or casa. Krishnaivf has been using CASA since 2007 and was one of the first clinics to use it.In addition, in low semen count and quality and in Azoospermia, FSH and LH testosterone are checked.

Specialized test sperm function tests include Fructose qualitative and quantitative Leucocyte detection tests, Vitality and HOS test Acrosome intactness test, Nuclear chromatic decondensation test, and chromatin studies

Scrotal Ultrasonography looks at the testis and surrounding tissues. It is the primary method used to help evaluate disorders of the testicles, epididymis (tubes immediately next to the testicles that collect sperm), and scrotum.

Genetic tests are done in specific situations of severe abnormality or in Azoospermia. In some cases, they include chromosome analysis and y chromosome deletion of particular genes.
After reading, you will realize the importance of a couple coming to the clinic and having a proper workup

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