How to Prepare for an IVF Cycle at KrishnaIVF?

IVF treatment protocols are customized according to the couple’s needs and the severity of factors. Since we get a lot of poor responders after repeated failures, a long agonist protocol is followed at Krishna IVF. This is done in two phases- The preparatory phase and the proper treatment phase. Consider the first day of the bleeding as day one and make an appointment for a basal scan between the 18th to 24th day. The couple must plan 2 days visit for the preparatory phase. Lady basal scan is done, and after a couple of blood tests, the semen backup sample is frozen. Downregulation injection is the first injection given to the lady after taking a couple’s consent for ICSI.

The clinic will provide an appointment date after 3 weeks to start the 2nd phase of treatment. This proper treatment phase includes pre – IVF hysteroscopy on the first day followed by daily injections and alternate day scans for 10-12 days. Towards the end of stimulation, the last trigger injection is given at 7 pm. The male visit is required only on the day of egg pick-up to provide a fresh semen sample. 3-5 days later, the lady can come alone for embryo transfer. Serum beta hCG pregnancy test will be done 2 weeks later. Antagonist protocol is suggested in certain conditions, and stimulation begins on day 2 or 3 of the menstrual cycle.

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