Doctor, Does the weight of man and woman make a difference in fertility aspect?

When a man or woman has a BMI of more than 30, then we say it is obesity. When it is more than 35 we say severe obesity. And when it is more than 40, we say morbid obesity. Obesity is to be considered as one extreme health problem. A lot of people do not think of obesity as a health problem. They think that they are only overweight and it does not have any negative consequences except cosmetic appearance. Obesity in men and women affects fertility. 

For a long period, it was thought that obesity in women will only affect fertility but in the last decade, more and more scientific research has come in and has shown that male obesity is also important. To tell much more, we at Krishna IVF did a research which was published in the Journal of Andrology, where we showed that obese men whose BMI was more than 30 took more time to have a child. Obesity in a man will affect sperm function and sperm quality. The duration of time taken by the couple to get pregnant is longer if a man or a woman is obese. The most important thing here is both the couple should be healthy and within a normal BMI.

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