Krishna IVF and Samsung Research, Bangalore, makes a break though in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Ultrasound Imaging for the Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) Domain.

Dr Ramaraju from Krishna IVF along with Srinivas Kudavelly from Samsung Research, developed the concept which form this issue cover story in prestigious Green Journal , formally referred as American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [ACOG Journal]

The research work started in 2016 and culminated in couple of publication and one of which the present cover story. The importance of this research work has aided in reducing the learning curve in Junctional Zone (JZ) Assessment which has profound clinical importance in Assisted Reproduction Domain.

The areas where Junctional Zone has impact is implantation, adenomyosis , uterine bleeding , endometrial carcinoma, and possible uterine anomalies.

The research work opens up potential future avenues for the classification of uterine anomalies and study of infiltration of endometrium cancer into JZ in staging of uterine cancer. Till now, JZ was assessed by MRI, and of-late wider usage of 3D Ultrasound opens up easy accessibility of deploying our research work for wider usage in day-to-day Clinical Assessment in Assisted Reproduction.

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