Best IVF Clinic in Asia

Krishna IVF Clinic is the best in Asia under the expert guidance of senior infertility specialist Dr.G.A.Rama Raju, a pioneer in Reproductive Medicine. We have an experienced team of Gynecologists, Embryologists, and Geneticists giving every treatment a holistic approach. Complete Infertility workup is done here systematically in just one and a half days to give the couple clarity about their condition regarding fertility. Electronic health records are maintained, and a unique ID number is issued to each couple and their respective embryos. Evidence-based treatment protocols are planned on an individual basis. The latest genetic receptor studies make every treatment personalized and cost-effective.

World-class facilities and fully equipped labs with the latest high-end technology in reproductive medicine. Highly advanced patient-centric care from conception to delivery, including embryo stage to neonate baby. Fully equipped endoscopy operation theaters, Maternal and Neonatal ICU care units. Availability of all advanced analytical services, including LCMS and VIDAS. The Genetics lab has cytogenetics and molecular genetics.

The Andrology lab does everything from basic CASA to advanced DNA fragmentation tests and freezing. The embryology lab has a poloscope and the latest TLM & AI Geri Time-lapse embryo selection facility. External quality control certifications ensure accurate reports. Patient education programs are posted on social media platforms. Krishna IVF Clinic’s collaboration with leading organizations and institutions helps to upgrade skills and knowledge. In addition, it undertakes preceptorship programs for doctors to train and share knowledge with reproductive specialists about the latest cutting-edge technologies. Dr. G A Rama Raju received the best research partner award from Samsung R&D. Research is done to help the infertile community. As a result, there are thirty-eight publications in International Journals and acknowledged citations, 1105. There is a vast clinical experience gained by successfully treating > 35,000 couples from all over India and abroad.

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