After my physical examination what investigations will you do and why are you doing those investigations?

After physical examination, the doctor will suggest the following investigations based on individual needs. When a woman comes to the clinic, pelvic ultrasound examination is essential to know if her uterus and ovaries are normal. Transvaginal ultrasound detects any tumors in the uterus or cysts in the ovary more precisely. Knowing ovarian reserves is also important for fertility treatments. Next will be hormone evaluation which may vary from clinic to clinic ranging from standard tests like thyroid and prolactin to ovarian reserves evaluation based on AMH test. Finally, some may need investigations like HSG or laparoscopy to detect abnormalities in the fallopian tube, a passage that connects the ovaries to the uterus.

Further tests will depend on the individual risk factors and the protocols of that clinic. However, along with the investigations of the lady, checking basic health parameters in the man and doing a basic sperm test is essential. A minimum of 2 days of abstinence is required to do Computer-assisted semen analysis, and the gap should not exceed five days. These are the preliminary investigations done for couples facing fertility issues.

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