Various types of ultrasound transducers or probes ( 2D & 3D)

Various types of ultrasound transducers or probes ( 2D & 3D)

various-types-of-ultrasound-transducers-or-probes-2d-and-3dThe probe is the main part of the ultrasound machine. It sends ultrasound waves into the body and receives the echoes produced by the waves when it is placed on or over the body part being imaged. The shape of the probe determines its field of view. Probes are generally described by the size & the shape of their footprint. Selecting the right probe for the situation is essential to get good images.

There are four basic types of probes used:

  1. Linear probes – are generally high frequency better for imaging superficial structures & vessels also called vascular probes.
  2. Curvilinear probes – have widened footprint and lower frequency for transabdominal imaging & widen the field of view.
  3. Phase array probes – for getting between ribs such as cardiac ultrasound.
  4. Endocavitary probes – with high frequency and better imaging as transvaginal & transrectal probes.

3D & 4D ultrasound probes help in more detailed imaging interns of volume data acquisition volume display and analysis and multiplanar imaging of organs of interest i.e. assessing multiple 2-D image planes simultaneously. Probes emit ultrasound waves and pass through the skin. These waves are reflected by various structures that if encounters. The time taken by the waves to return and their strength form the foundation for interpreting details into a clear image. Sophisticated computer soft wave conducts this portion.