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TESATesticular Sperm Aspiration 

TESETesticular Sperm Extraction involves a small incision and snipping off some tissue from inside the testicle 

The above two procedures consists of ,   taking  a small amount of testis tissue under  anesthesia.  It demonstrates that sperm do not have to mature to and pass through the epididymis in order to fertilize an egg. Because of their immaturity, however, testicular sperm need icsi procedure.

TESA and TESE is indicated for patients in whom there is a blockage in the epididymis  (either from prior surgery, infection or from birth), or a blockage within the ducts of the testes (efferent ductules).

It is also used in men with  poor sperm production, in which very  few sperm are produced that they cannot reach the ejaculate. Pregnancies are now common  in cases of poor sperm production .

In patients suffering with obstructive azoospermia sperms can be obtained directly from the testes by doing an epididymal sperm aspiration or biopsy and the sperms can be used for fertilizing the oocytes. The biopsy material can also be preserved in liquid nitrogen for subsequent use also.

Krishna IVF clinic has got facilities for conducting testicular biopsy and semen banking for such patients. We generally take 3-4 biopsy samples and preserve them in liquid nitrogen under long term storage at 1960C. This means that patients can undergo procedure ICSI 2nd time if they want to have a second child.