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Krishna IVF Clinic is a multilingual, state-of-the-art IVF Lab and Fertility Clinic that offers personalised care with latest technology needed to manage infertility & reproductive disorders.

Individualized Controlled Ovarian Stimulation Edited by G.A.Rama Raju, Baidyanath Chakraborty Elsiiever Publishers, 2016.

Vitrification of human embryos-Is it safe for clinical use? In Frozen Life: A Comprehensive Manual of Cryobiology for Assisted Reproduction and Stem Cells Edited by Pankaj Talwar, JP Medical Publishers, pp: 369-372, 2009.

New developments: Vitrification of embryos Rama Raju GA, Murali Krishna K, Jaya Prakash G, Madan K. In Atlas of human assisted reproductive technologies, Editor, Managala Telang, JP Publishers, New Delhi. 2007.