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One Should know that, in perfectly normal couple, in a single cycle, the chances of becoming pregnant is 10-15% only even if they have sex every day. However over a period of one year about 80% normal couple can become pregnant. The rest 20% can be classified as infertile.

In ART procedures you cannot expect more than 30% success in a single cycle (25-30 years aged women).

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Is it possible to diagnose ectopic pregnancy on the scan? 2017-02-08T12:06:31+00:00

Experienced operators are able to detect almost all ectopic pregnancies measuring more than a few millimetres in size on ultrasound scan. It is important to emphasize; however, that ectopic pregnancies tend to develop more slowly than intrauterine pregnancies and it often takes them longer to grow to the size which makes them visible on the scan.

When can you see the baby’s heartbeat? 2017-02-08T12:05:00+00:00

The earliest ultrasound can confirm the presence of heartbeat is at 4 weeks of conception. In women who conceive after IVF the heartbeat can be seen four weeks after the day of oocyte collection. Again, in order to avoid coming for the scan too early it is best to delay the attendance until two and a half to three weeks after the missed period or four and a half to five weeks after conception/oocyte collection.

How soon after a missed period can pregnancy be seen on the scan? 2017-02-08T12:03:22+00:00

A normal intrauterine pregnancy can be first seen on the scan three days after a missed menstrual period. In women who fall pregnant after fertility treatment such as ovarian stimulation the pregnancy can be seen 17 days after ovulation. In women who conceive after IVF the pregnancy can be seen 17 days after the day of oocyte collection. There are, however, small variations in the timing of conception and women who wish to confirm that their pregnancy is located within the uterus are advised to delay their attendance until a week after the missed period (or three weeks after conception) to avoid coming for the scan too early. This is particularly important in women with uterine abnormalities such as fibroids or adenomyosis, which make it harder to see the pregnancy and sometimes the diagnosis may be delayed for several days.

Is it safe to have a scan in early pregnancy? 2017-02-08T12:02:20+00:00

There is no evidence that ultrasound scans can harm pregnancies. It is important to ensure; however, that the energy of ultrasound beam is kept low. Use of pulsed Doppler devices to measure blood flow should be avoided in the first weeks of pregnancy as their energy output is higher compared to the ultrasound beam used for standard imaging. Our equipment is fully compliant with the international standards for safe use in pregnancy and the machine energy output is continuously monitored during the examination.

How long will it take for my doctor to receive the report? Could I have a copy? 2017-02-08T12:01:18+00:00

In most cases our reports are generated within minutes of completing the examination. You can also request a copy of your report and ultrasound images. We do not routinely perform video-recording of gynaecological scans, but we can arrange that easily if you wish us to do so. We do; however, offer DVDs with  records of the examinations to women attending for early pregnancy scans.

Can I have a scan if I am bleeding? 2017-02-08T11:59:43+00:00

Vaginal bleeding does not affect quality of ultrasound diagnosis and scans can be safely performed on women who attend during menstrual periods or on those who are experiencing irregular vaginal bleeding.

Do I need to have a full bladder? 2017-02-08T11:57:27+00:00

The examination is more accurate and it is better tolerated if the bladder is completely empty. Women who attend for transabdominal scans; however, should try to fill their bladder prior to the examination.

How long does it take to complete the examination? 2017-02-08T11:56:16+00:00

Typically takes five to ten minutes to complete. In women with complex findings such as multiple fibroids or extensive endometriosis the examinations usually last five to ten minutes longer.

Are ultrasound scans painful? 2017-02-08T11:53:34+00:00

Transvaginal ultrasound scan should not cause any significant discomfort and they are much easier to tolerate than smear tests. to minimise discomfort application of a lubrication gel containing local anaesthetic may make the examination easier to tolerate. Alternatively, local application of hormone oestrogen in the form of vaginal tablets or cream for one to two weeks prior to the examination may also be helpful.

I came to know from my doctor that the sperms in my semen are very less. Is there any medication to increase sperm count? 2016-12-31T09:57:47+00:00

Maturation of Spermatozoa takes approximately 72 days. In human beings sperm count will be in varying degree. Hence it is required 2-3 times repeated testing. Only on repeated testing treatment will be decided. There are no medications to improve sperm counts. If motility and count is less, ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection) is performed through an instrument called micro manipulator. If there is obstruction in passage of sperms. (Obstructive Azoosperms)through TESE – Testicular sperm Extraction, Sperms are taken and ICSI can be performed

The amount you charge is till delivery or up to blood test state? 2016-12-31T09:55:45+00:00

The amount you pay is for medicines and procedure. The charges after confirmation of pregnancy are extra. 

Can I get normal delivery after IVF treatment? Is caesarian operation compulsory always? 2016-12-31T09:54:02+00:00

Yes. The pregnancy after IVF treatment is like normal pregnancy. But we prefer caesarian operation to avoid complications. 

Is it essential to get treatment at your clinic after pregnancy? 2016-12-31T09:53:02+00:00

No need. You can take treatment anywhere you like after confirmation of pregnancy

Can we know the pregnancy at the stage of blood test or injection? 2016-12-31T09:52:11+00:00

The pregnancy test will be conducted after 14 days from the day of Embryo transfer or ET. The injection will be given to ascertain the normal improvement of the eggs

What drugs I should not take before and after embryo transfer ? 2016-12-31T09:50:53+00:00

You have to take any drugs only with the consultations of your physician who treats you.

Is a complete bet rest required after embryo transfer? 2016-12-31T09:49:53+00:00

Not absolutely required. However we advise restricted activities of work and movement to avoid infections

Can we attend to our normal sex after embryo transfer? 2016-12-31T09:48:51+00:00

After embryo transfer abstinence or 6 weeks is absolutely necessary

What type of food shall I take after IVF? 2016-12-31T09:47:55+00:00

There are no food restrictions after IVF treatment. Normal diet can be continued

Is it necessary for us to be in fasting for scan and injection? 2016-12-31T09:46:45+00:00

No need for fasting. You can come after taking breakfast or milk. 

What are the precautions I have to take after embryo transfer? When should I come for confirmation of pregnancy? 2016-12-31T09:45:44+00:00

Rest, and abstinence for two weeks you should come on 14th day after embryo transfer for pregnancy test. 

Is the oocyte retrieval painful? Do you give general anaesthesia? Can I go home after oocyte retrieval and attend to my normal works? 2016-12-31T09:43:54+00:00

No. we will give a mild general anaesthesia and the patient can go home after 2 hours of stay at the clinic and can attend to her normal activities.

Will the treatment be stopped at any time during the mid-cycle ? 2016-12-31T09:42:39+00:00

Yes. If the E2 levels does not rise to the optimum along with the growth of the follicles or even the LH levels rise high the treatment will be stopped 

Is there any guarantee for getting Pregnancy with IVF test ? 2016-12-31T10:10:11+00:00

Getting pregnancy depends upon various factors including the age of woman. However our coordinator will explain the success rate while doing counselling. (please see the back of the 1st page for ready reference) 

Will there be any side effects for IVF procedure? 2016-12-31T10:08:29+00:00

Generally no side effects are seen in IVF treatment. But in few patients hyper stimulation syndrome may be seen (OHSS) which can be controlled by proper adjustment of hormone dosage and treatment.  

We are ready for IVF treatment What are your Suggestions ? 2016-12-31T10:05:49+00:00

If you are ready for IVF we suggest you as follows.

– consider the first day of the bleeding as day one and attend to the clinic between 18th to 24th day. Preferably on the 21st day for one day stay at Visakhapatnam.

The blood tests for male and female partners and the semen freezing test for the male partner will be performed – There should be two days abstinence period before you attend to the clinic.

Depending on the blood report, scan will be performed. If the scan is normal Triptorelin injection will be administered . After the injection they can have normal life at home and return after onemonth. This time they should stay at Visakhapatnam for 17 days for the next treatment schedule.

For the first 8 to 12 days Menotrophin/Recombinant injections will be administered. In the remaining 4 days Egg Retrieval & Embryo transfer will be done, on the next day of embryo transfer they can go home

Is it necessary for us to admit as inpatient in the Hospital for IVF treatment ? 2016-12-30T13:12:45+00:00

It is not. You can get the treatment by visiting our clinic from out side too.