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Workshop – 2015

Prof.G.S.N.Raju, former Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University has said that the Imaging techniques in medical field play a significant role in identifying and diagnosing the health problems in a human body.

Prof.Raju inaugurated the “Gynaec and Infertility Imaging Workshop-2015” organised by the Krishna IVF Clinic.

The former Vice-Chancellor said that the Andhra University is offering courses in biomedical engineering which would facilitate the medical field to develop medical imaging instruments. Prof.Raju said that the medical doctors should make use of the imaging instruments like ultrasound machines and other latest technological devices to correctly diagnose the problems. On this occasion, the former Vice-Chancellor congratulated Krishna IVF Clinic for organising the Gynaec and Infertility Imaging Workshop for the benefit the Gynaecologists and obstreticians.

Dr.G.A.Rama Raju, Director from Krishna IVF Clinic, Dr.Mala Sibal, Gyanecologist from Bangalore, Dr.T.L.N.Praveen from Hyderabad and Dr.K.V.Sridevi, spoke on methods and tricks to scan the pelvis, Classifying myometrial pathology, Ovarian reserve testing and follicular monitoring, Congenital uterine anomalies, Endometrial pathology, Adnexal pathology and other subjects.

Dr.G.Ramakrishna Raju, Dr.V.Sitarama Raju, Dr.Praveen and others participated.