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FOCUS – 2015

The Krishna IVF Clinic organize the FOCUS-2015, the 5th Conference on Academic and Clinical oriented infertility workup in assisted reproductive technologies in Visakhapatnam on 13th December, 2015. It may be mentioned here that Krishna IVF Clinic is the leading Test Tube Centre in the country with latest world class scientific technologies. It has been conducting every year FOCUS Continued Medical Education Conferences for the benefit of medical doctors, research scholars in the field of biotechnology, microbiology and assisted reproductive technologies.

According to Dr. G. A. Rama Raju, Founder & Director of the Krishna IVF Clinic the FOCUS Conference will help the delegates gain insight into current evidence and advances in assisted reproductive technologies. They also said that the scientific sessions of the conference will cover a range of topics in basic infertility and ovarian stimulation in women with normal, poor and hyper response.

Dr. Pankaj Talwar, Dr. Umaram, Dr. Preethi Venkatesh, Dr. Mala Sibal, Dr. V.Sita Rama Raju, Dr. K.V. Sridevi, Dr. P.Kavitha, Dr. B.Kavitha Lakshmi, Dr. Pranati Mahapatro, Dr. V.Raghu Ramakrishna Raju, Dr. K.Murali.