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FOCUS – 2012

Krishna IVF Clinic is a multilingual, state-of-the-art IVF Lab and Fertility Clinic that offers personalised care with latest technology needed to manage infertility & reproductive disorders.

It is our Great Pleasure to invite you to FOCUS 2012. The aim is to FOCUS on recent advances in the field of OBG and to incorporate the current concepts into daily practice. FOCUS 2012 will be a full day program.

Morning session will cover various aspects of THE OVARY – Role in normal development, reproductive function, diversity in their release of hormones ( PCOS), ovarian tumours & premature ovarian failure.

Post lunch session will discuss on “ FIRST TRIMESTER SCREENING FOR FETAL ANEUPLOIDY AND ANOMALIES”. Allthough there is no law making it mandatory, still most of us recommend screening for pregnant women. FIRST TRIMESTER SCREENING lets us learn about the risk for chromosomal problems & certain fetal abnormalities relatively early in pregnancy. Thus helping the family to decide what they would like to do next & allow us to better judge. We will be discussing on each & every aspect of ULTRASOUND & biochemical screening in the first trimester during this session.

We have taken care to bring together faculty that will deliver whatever is new, While reconfirming standards & guidelines, will give you ample time for interaction.