Effect of cellphones on male fertility

Effect of cellphones on male fertility

Effect of cellphones on male fertilityDR. G.A.RAMARAJU & DR KAVITHA

Intensive use of mobile phones has raised concern about possible health problems caused by Radio frequency electro magnetic waves emitted by these devices.

A new study (sept 2008) from Cleveland clinic showed that if Men keep their phones on and in their front pockets the mobility and viability of their semen could be adversely affected. Anu Gokhale, technology professor at ISU said that studies have found the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation given out by cell phones on body tissues.

The Cleveland clinic involved 32men in their study. Semen sample collected, divided into 2 parts. One part of sample exposed to electro magnetic radiation emitted from commercially available cell phones with 850 MHz frequency keeping it at a distance of 2.5cm from sample, the other part kept as control.

Researchers found an in increase in seminal oxidative stress resulting in decreased sperm motility and viability.As the fertilization of an egg depends on how long the sperm survives and how mobile it is, decrease in motility and viability of a sperm lessens its ability to fertilize an egg.